Aug 8, 2009

Malaysia Is Ready For the Complete Freedom of Speech

Article 10 of Malaysian Federal Constitution (FC) provides to the Malaysians rights to speech, assembly and association.
Article 10 gives a clear explanation about this right. According to the article 10 clause (1), subject to clauses (2), (3) & (4)-
(a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;
(b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;
(c) all citizens have the right to form associations.

Now we can see whether this right being understood firmly by Malaysians or not. I did not mean to make a new interpretation for this article (statute). But I will make an interpretation from the Malaysians behaviors.

I think they (Malaysians) are ready for the complete freedom of speech. The rational is, we can see nowadays there were many responses from the citizens towards issues arose in this country. Really make us realized that we must do something to update our mentality and to celebrate this good transformation in our citizens. We must not see the situations as a liability of the country but we have to turn our sight whereby these situations actually were the beautiful assets of the country.

The point is we must make a transformation to the ways the expression being expressed. We cannot stand statically where we were stood at 70 years before while the worlds have changes thousands.

There were many responses from the citizens nowadays for many issues arose even the issue of ‘sleeping’, ‘food’ and others. To celebrate these ‘assets’, we must approach them with the complete freedom of speech. We can see the relevancy of this complementation upon two mechanisms of expressions in our country and it is:

This is the most popular mechanism among Malaysians.
This was called as ‘active expressions’.
Nowadays Malaysians were not using this mechanism to express on their own benefits but they were expressing the ‘citizens’ benefits itself.

(a) Dato Onn Jaafar’s demonstrations for the independent application from British-for the whole citizens benefits
(b) Baling Demonstration about the food issue and poverty problems amongst citizens-for the whole citizens benefits
(c) BERSIH demonstration to ensure the transparency of the general election in Malaysia and to response for the corruption problems in this country-for the whole citizen’s benefits.
(d) HINDRAF demonstration to the poverty problems, economic systems and birocracy problems for the poor peoples in Malaysia neither Malays/Indians/Chinese/indigenous/others-for the whole citizens’ benefits.
(e) Palestine’s demonstration to response to the world crime towards third world countries.

There were many examples that no need for me to explain here whereas we already know about it.


Those people where some of them were arrested because we understand that Malaysia did not practicing the complete freedom of speech as practiced by England, Austria, United States of America, Columbia, Russia and others.
Their relations have to face the social surviving problems as regard to the ‘arrestation’.
The citizen still standing in their last position where they cannot get what they really hope before.


The freedom of citizens being limited from day to day.
The confident of citizens towards governor also limited from day to day.
The citizens forced to make some changes in their lives to secure their social surviving activities.
Investors will not confident to us because they know that they will not get what they want from us here.
Our country will face problems in economics, politics and socials.

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