Aug 27, 2009

What Happen To Muslim? And Whats Wrong.....

Now, the Muslims from all around the world are attracting the attention from the world. What happen to Muslim? They are fasting together, hungering together and hoping the bless together. Who can stop this? Neither Capitalist nor Communist can stop the uniting of the Muslims all around the world. What happen to Muslims? They are uniting under the true system,true religion. Capitalist and Soviet Union are nothing toward the Muslims. What happen to Muslim? They are undefeated from the ancient till recent.
Whats wrong with Muslim? Some of them just following(taqlid) until they didn't know the price of their Ibadah. As a result, no positive implication appear from what they are practising. Whats wrong with Muslim? They have their own holy book, but they just make it as a decoration in their home, as a competition in reading it. They did not practising what have been instruct in the said holy book.
Come on my brothers, let us ponder it together as a correction and not a controversion.
p/s: We have One God.

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